Guidance on how to complete the Application Form for Funding

FPSA guidance notes for applicants

Before you start, please have your documents ready for uploading.

Attaching files – there must be NO special characters or spaces in the file names. Files must be Word or Pdf. Example of file name: joebloggs_CV (you can use underscore but not hyphens).

The documents you will need:

  • A website link, a brochure or a flyer relating to the course/conference etc. (if the amount you are applying for does not match the amount on the website link, brochure or flyer please explain why. i.e. ‘The conference fees are £300.00, and the train fare is £70.00, hence my application is for £370.00.’ Please state where you found your estimated travel costs from, i.e. National Rail etc.

  • An up-to-date CV.

  • Brief supporting statement from the applicant (no more than ½ a side of A4) and further information if needed and where applicable. What’s this? A short statement from you explaining why you the benefits to young people from the training you would like to do or attend the conference you would like to attend together with any additional explanation needed on the amount applied for.

  • Statement of support from professional referee. Who’s this? This can be a peer/colleague – somebody who can vouch for you and your integrity. This must be signed and on headed paper.

  • Written confirmation of support from employer, line manager, professional body or organisation but specifically, the operational day to day manager who is responsible for your post. This must indicate support and must clarify how the acquired skills will be used or applied in the current work role and/or in service development. This must be signed and on headed paper.

  • What the trustees look for in a reference: how long the referee has known/worked with you for, skill level, professional integrity, why they support your application, what are the benefits to young people following the training, do they believe you can give the commitment to the training etc.

  • Study leave forms cannot be accepted.

  • References may come by email directly from the referee to the secretariat and they must be up-to-date, ideally within 3 months of your application date. References must demonstrate which age group the applicant is working with.

  • References must relate specifically to the course you are applying for.

  • Applications will not be processed if references are submitted without being on headed paper and or without signature. FPSA does not accept electronic signatures.

  • Age range (11-18) please state the contact time you have with this group.

  • How does it work? The trustees meet 4 times per year, they aim to meet within 2 weeks of the end of each deadline.

  • When will I receive a response? With a week of the trustees meeting, for further details Please see this link 

  • What is the written report for? This is your feedback on the course/training/conference and its benefits. This will be shared with the trustees and added to the FPSA website for public viewing. You can look at the report writing guidance notes and previous reports listed on the website to give you guidance on what to write. Guidance can be found here
  • Reasons your application maybe rejected:
  1. Not adhering to the above guidance notes
  2. Not completing each section of the application form in full where applicable
  3. Unsuitable references
  4. Absence of a clear breakdown of costs
  5. Lack of a personal statement, please note that personal statements must give information on service focus.

Should you need any further help, please contact Katy Thorne (Secretariat) on tel: 01295 750 182 or 

Applying for Funding

The Foundation for Professionals in Services to Adolescents (FPSA) offers funding for relevant courses, conferences and training. Find out who can apply now. FPSA do not provide retrospective funding, if you have already paid for a course, training or conference you cannot apply for funding. Please check the deadlines for applications before you submit.

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