Accessibility for FPSA

The FPSA’s aim is to make this website accessible to people of all abilities, including anyone with a disability. Future developments of this site will be guided by the accessibility standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

By adopting W3C standards, we hope to ensure the FPSA website is accessible to everyone. However, there are a number of things you can do to improve your access to our website now, including changing the colours and the size of the text you are viewing.
Changing the colours and text size on a web page
Most computer operating programmes and web browsers allow you to change the colours and fonts you see on your screen. For example, Windows and Apple offer pre-defined colour schemes that you can pick. You should check your computer’s operating system for its available features.

You can also set the colours (background and foreground) and text size in most common web browsers such as Google and Firefox. Go to the Preferences or Tools, depending on your browser, to make these changes, or search ‘Help’ to find out more.

Assistive technologies
Your browser or operating system may also offer assistive technologies such as a screen reader, for instance Apple offers ‘VoiceOver’ functionality that reads out the content on screen, including web pages.

There are lots of different assistive technologies available, such as screen readers and magnifiers, and many of these are free to use. You can find out more about the types of technologies at AbilityNet or the RNIB. Both these charities offer up-to-date information and links to available resources. Go to:
FPSA website uses HTML 5
The FPSA website is built using HTML 5, which means that it is viewable on any platform for web, mobile or tablet.

Although HTML 5 has been recognised as a more accessible technology that supports a range of platforms, it is not yet the industry standard. This means there may be some issues with browser support that impacts some assistive devices and software. However, these should be resolved, as HTML 5 becomes the standard web language.

If you are having any issues accessing information or forms on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to support you or offer you information in a different format.

Applying for Funding

The Foundation for Professionals in Services to Adolescents (FPSA) offers funding for relevant courses, conferences and training. Find out who can apply now. FPSA do not provide retrospective funding, if you have already paid for a course, training or conference you cannot apply for funding. Please check the deadlines for applications before you submit.

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