The history of the FPSA

We were founded in 1968 as a membership organisation, the Association for the Psychiatric Study of Adolescence, to support the emerging inpatient units for adolescents. In 2011, we became a grant giving foundation and changed our name to reflect the change in our structure.

However, as the FPSA our focus remains the same: to support and develop acute mental health services for adolescents. We do this by offering funding to organisations and individuals for courses, training and conferences, research and knowledge sharing. You can find out more about the what we offer in Funding.

How the FPSA is funded

We are solely funded from profits of the Journal of Adolescence, the publication we founded over 30 years ago, which is now an internationally renowned publication. Find out more about the Journal of Adolescence.

Changing from APSA to FPSA

Like those we support, we have adapted to the shifting patterns of service delivery and the fluctuating levels of investment in services since the 1960s. Over our 40-something history we have been known as the:
  • Association for the Psychiatric Study of Adolescence – APSA (until 1992)
  • Association for Professionals in Services (until 2011) – APSA (until 2011)
  • Foundation for Professionals in Services to Adolescents - FPSA (since 2011)

FPSA’s mission

We support and promote better ways of working in acute mental health services by being supportive of education, training, innovation and networking.  We are open to exploring new ways to develop knowledge and share the most relevant international knowledge and research.

How the FPSA promotes and respects diversity

We embrace diversity and will promote equality of opportunity in all that we do. We will never discriminate because of gender, age, background, health, beliefs, culture, religion or sexual orientation.

FPSA’s governance structure

We are charity and funding body that is managed by its trustees (also our directors). These trustees include a range of professionals who work or have experience of relevant services, including nursing, psychiatry and occupational therapy.  We rely on the generosity of our trustees, on their experience, expertise and knowledge to guide us in all that we do. We hope that they will continue to support us in our future work.

Join the FPSA

We are always looking for people can commit their time and offer their expertise. The role of our trustees will involve attending some meetings and could involve representing the FPSA at conferences and events.  If you feel you have the time to help the FPSA, please contact: FPSA Secretariat  

Our thanks go to all those involved in our work. Find out more about the FPSA’s Trustees.

Applying for Funding

The Foundation for Professionals in Services to Adolescents (FPSA) offers funding for relevant courses, conferences and training. Find out who can apply now. FPSA do not provide retrospective funding, if you have already paid for a course, training or conference you cannot apply for funding. Please check the deadlines for applications before you submit.

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